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Welcome To Executive Cabs Complete Our Online From To Finalise Your Apploication.

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Welcome to the first step of becoming a Executive Cabs ABN 32322419680!

Completing this application does not guarantee a successfull applicaton, it is merely a procedure to collect data for us to complete the rest of the checks.

If your application is approved you will recieve a text message with a Youtube training link which you will need to reply back to before we proceed with the remainder of your Executive Cabs Card Application.

If you would like to continue with this application please select next below.

Documents required for this Application:

  • Your drivers license
  • Criminal History Check/Taxi Council License
  • Emergency Contact Details

Please attach a photo of your Criminal History Check

Please attach a photo of any other Taxi Driver Authority if any.


Please attach a photo of yourself. THIS PHOTO MUST BE TAKEN AGAINST A WHITE WAL

The EXECUTIVE Cabs Driver id is $25 per year starting from 3years upto S60. Please select which you would prefer.*

  • All drivers driving for Executive Cabs must comply with all obligations under Point to Point regulations.

    Executive Cabs can immediately suspend your Executive Driver ID if obligations are not met and The Point to Point Transport Commissioner can issue penalties for non-compliance.

    Please read each of the below carefully. You must agree to comply with each obligation prior to going to the next step of the application.

  • Taxi drivers must not smoke/vape in their vehicle at any time.*



Drivers’blood alcohol concentration must be under 0.02 grams of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.*

Drivers must not damage a vehicle or interfere with its equipment and drivers must not drive a vehicle that they know, or ought reasonably to know, is non-compliant with the Regulations.*



Drivers,or any other person, must not tout or solicit for passengers for the hiring of a vehicle.*

In Airport precincts drivers must only pick up or drop off passengers in the designated areas. Drivers must not leave their vehicle unattended unless in a designated holding bay. Drivers must follow the directions of airport security and staff.*

Drivers must follow the reasonable directions of the authorised officers of the Point to Point Transport Commissioner, police officers or officers authorised under transport law. Drivers must handover their drivers licence for inspection if requested to do so by anauthorised officer or the police.

Drivers must only accept bookings from authorised booking service providers.

Drivers must comply with directions given by taxi or booking service providers in thecourse of collecting the levy.

Drivers are only allowed to stop in an area that is not a taxi zone if they are hired or not available for hire, loading or unloading luggage or goods, or picking upand dropping off passengers. If a taxi is hired or vacant a driver cannot stop in a taxi zone.*

Taxi drivers must display their identity document clearly.*

For a taxi hiring using the meter, the driver must start the fare calculation device (meter) as soon as the taxi is hired and keep the meter running during the hiring.  The meter must be stopped once the hiring has ended or if the taxi is delayed because of a fuel shortage or other reason in the driver’s control.